Well it is over 1 year (November 6th 2009) since we made the move to start our new business at Glenaldor House therefore it seems like a good time to continue from “The First Chapter” blog which I posted many months ago.


We are back in the depths of winter and the snow is blanketing Dumfries once again, surely we cannot be in for as cold a winter as we encountered last year!!


On the Bed and Breakfast front we have enjoyed a great year given it was our first and we have met some truly kind and friendly visitors from all over the globe, it has been a great experience and I am surprised and delighted that so many people from so many different countries and all walks of life choose to spend some of there leisure time in Dumfries and Galloway. We also now have a steady stream of regular visitors who stay with us and we hope to continue to look after them in the coming years. The comments we have received in our visitor book and on various web bases sites such as Trip Advisor have been terrific and very much appreciated. It certainly gives us the impetus to ensure we don’t rest on our laurels and that we continue to ensure we deliver a quality service to all our visitors.


Dianne my partner has continued to pitch in and has been a great help when she is not at her regular job of Childrens Community Nurse in Manchester. Her help has been of special importance as my other helper, my Mum Moira, has been out of action for some time firstly with a broken arm and latterly with a knee replacement. Thankfully she is on the mend now and we hope to have her back in harness by the spring!!


As winter is now with us business has slowed down and it has given us time to press on with our renovation plans. This winter we have completely renovated another of our letting rooms and have redecorated another. We have a few other bits and pieces to do to ensure we are in tip top shape for the coming year, however after last years major refurbishment the current work is a lot less dramatic but once again a major thanks must go to our regular plumber and superman Peter Hawkins for the first class job he has once again delivered.


Plans for the next couple of months include further decorating, an update of our pictures on the website glenaldorhouse.co.uk and thankfully a well earned holiday during the quiet period.


Overall for our 1st year in business we could not have asked for more and we look forward in anticipation to another busy year to come when once again our emphasis will be on continually improving the services and hospitality we offer at Glenaldor House.


I look forward to doing my blog update as the year progresses.

David Irving – Glenaldor House

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