Wildlife / Natural Attractions

Grey Mare's Tale near Moffat

With its 200 miles of coastline Dumfries and Galloway welcomes huge numbers of migrant wading birds and wildfowl through Autumn and Winter. You can see them gather en-masse in places such as Caerlaverock and Wigtown Bay.

Head inland to our many woodland and forest trails, extremely popular with walkers, cyclists, horse-riders and drivers. Red Squirrels and Pine Martins use the woods along with roaming Red Deer and Wild Goats. You also get the opportunity to watch various birds of prey such as Merlin, Hen Harriers and even the occasional Golden Eagle.

Galloway has recently reintroduced Red Kite back into the area and in the region of Loch Ken there are various observation points provided to educate nature lovers and ensure the long term future of the species in the area.

To finish a personal favourite visit the  Grey Mare’ s Tail East of Moffat to see the spectacular waterfall and the fabulous view of the surrounding area.