Well Summer has lapsed into Autumn and Winter is almost upon us again!!


Since moving to Glenaldor House in November 09 we have experienced 2 of the coldest winters on record for the region and if I never see another frozen or burst water pipe again it will be too soon. Thank goodness we had a good and reliable plumber on hand to help us out.

Temperatures in January and February 2009 and 2010 reached a low of an incredible -20C for long periods and given the average temperature over the last 50 years for this time is -4C it really shows how cold it was! The last time we saw temperatures like these were in 1995. The coldest recorded temperature for this area was -25C in January 1940, here’s hoping we can have a normal if not milder winter this time around.


Confidence in normal average Winter temperatures would have been pretty low if believing the recent media reports of another terrible winter, however I was glad to read reports from the long range weather forecasters that although it may be colder than average the predicted Snowmaggeddon may not materialise. In fact recent media reports of widespread snow during October have been unfounded and long may it continue.


Lets hope that the weathermen and not the media have got it right and we can get through the Winter without too much hassle.


Roll on the Spring!!!



Glenaldor House